Wholesale & Retail

Our production facility has the capacity to support business on all scales. Whether you are retailer or wholesaler, Thimblety will be able to supply any quantity with consistent delivery of high quality products.

Best Chinese Tea K-Cups on the Market

With our years of experience working closely with Chinese tea farms and labs, our team at Thimblety has become experts from sourcing, designing, packaging, and delivering of all kinds of Chinese teas. We are confident that our Chinese tea K-Cup products are the best on the current market because our team rigorously selected the specific tea farms, the design labs, and packaging facilities after visiting and comparing a list of over 20 different choices.

Complete Product Line and Package

We are dedicated to bringing the authentic and premium tea experience to anyone and everyone. So in order for people who are new to the world of tea brewing to have easy access to our K-Cup tea pods, we have also designed our own brewers and tea wares. Not only do we want to bring easy access to traditionally difficult tea brewing to our customers, but also to spark their interests into Chinese tea history and culture.

World Class Deliveries World Wide

After years of trial and error, our team is able to produce large quantity of order and deliver the products in a timely manner. In addition with our extensive experience working remotely with our teams all over the world, we have the confidence to provide world-class service from initial production all the way to last mile logistics.