Our team has a extensive experience working with the hospitality industry, from hotels to restaurants, and we believe our products at Thimblety can provide great value to hotels and restaurant owners.

Upgrade Service

With Thimblety’s delicious and easy to use K-Cup tea pods, hotels and restaurants can significantly increase their service quality with low cost of installation and maintenance. The design of our tea pods allows large facilities to supply high quality teas in a efficient manner. All our products are ready to use out of the box and requires no maintenance.

Improve Brand Image

Keurig’s K-Cup technology has proven to be popular among coffee and tea lovers. Today, K-Cup beverage products continue to spread all around the world, making it the center of modern beverage technology and culture. Serving K-Cup products is a great way for hotels and restaurants to demonstrate that their brand is not only up to date with the market but also leading the pack with the best innovations.