Authentic Chinese Teas
Brewed to Perfection
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Upgrade service with in-room k-cup package and improve your brand image to attract business online and offline.
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Corporate & Gifts

Quality products for corporate promotion and client appreciation. Delicious and easy to welcome business guests.
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Wholesale & Retail

Authentic Chinese tea K-cups for tea lovers and K-cup users. Full product line with tea pods, brewer, tea ware, etc.
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As a traditional Chinese tea company and importer, we at Thimblety are dedicated to providing a diversity of Chinese tea products to tea lovers world wide. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the perfect cup of tea, regardless of their access to traditional brewing materials. Our thimble-shaped pods allow us to bring the elegance and charm of Chinese tea to audiences worldwide. With a tea/coffee pod brewer, one of our tea pods, and just a few minutes, you can produce a lovely cup of Chinese tea in your own home, on your own time. Enjoying a delicious cup of tea has never been so simple, easy, or quick.
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